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9198 Sauer Rd
Eden, NY, 14057
United States

Course Rules

  • No littering (Please be conscious of cigarette butts and small wrappers).

  •      No breaking of branches, limbs or trees.

  •      Destruction of property of any kind will not be tolerated.

  •      Discs and other items found on the course shall be returned to Hawk

  •      Management with a conscientious heads up to Doug or Mary.

  •      NO entry into the pond!

  •      There is a Lost Disc Policy.

  • There is a Dog Policy

  •      Area speed limit is 5-MPH. Please be aware of fairway #18 upon entering and exiting.  

  •      All current P.D.G.A Rules of Play “Become aware and play fair”.


Violations may result in a Loss of Privileges and/or Removal.

Hawk Management reserves the right to alter these rules and implementation at any time for any reason.